• The 4-operator FM sound engine offers dynamic and expressive additive synthesis.
  • 32 voice memo locations allow you to store and remember your favorite voices
  • Integrated Phrase Finder: Capture song ideas or just jam.
  • The high-quality mini keyboard (37 keys) enables fast, natural performance with a premium feel and response.
  • Integrated speaker system that lets you play anywhere, anytime. Type of mini sync keys with initial touch.

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The reface DX, which has as one of its chief orientations the bell pianos and broad digital synth library from the DX7. The reface series is small. Incredibly small. But unlike miniature keyboard instruments of the past, the reface touch is satisfying and expressive, and the sound is nothing short of spectacular. The reface family of keyboards features built-in speakers and is battery operable so you can create on the go. An aux line in allows you to play along with MP3 players or whatever other audio device you wish to use. Add MIDI and USB connectivity, and the preface’s capacity to interface with external devices is vast. Reface DX goes retro 80s to cutting edge modern at the flick of a switch. Capacitive multi-touch control puts powerful FM synthesis under your fingertips. Quickly edit, store and recall 32 of your favorite Voices with the onboard memory. Add final polish to your sound using the two onboard multi-effects. The onboard Looper records your playing complete with “sound on sound”-style overdubs. You can even change or edit Voices while playing back the Looper – a great way to fine tune your custom Voices. For sound designers and keyboardists needing classic 80’s to cutting edge EDM FM sound, Reface DX is a mini-key FM synthesizer based on the legendary DX7 featuring modern four-operator FM synthesis and dual effects processors. Unlike synthesizers with “me too” sound, Reface DX offers unique and complex synth sound that’s only possible from Yamaha.


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