• High-quality USB/Audio Interface
  • Phono Input
  • Stereo Output
  • Dedicated Level Control
  • Stereo Headphone Output

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The Behringer UPHONO UFO202 USB Audio Interface brings the power of digital technology to your audio setup. This audio interface clears your worries about the old cassette player lying dormant in a corner of your room. Behringer has brought this product to resurrect these jewel of the past, which hold the musical essence of the era when they were introduced. Nothing beats the feeling of listening to an evergreen classic from your cassette in a digital form.

The UPHONO UFO202 audio interface splits up the audio track in 48kHz stereo channel to provide high-quality sound output. The frequency resolution of 48kHz adds life to the cassette tracks, making them more detailed and polished than before. The stereo output port ensures the quality of the restored track is maintained when playing it on your home sound system.


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