• Iconic reverb pedal returns better than ever with an innovative pressure-sensitive footswitch and an added shimmer effect
  • TonePrint-enabled to let you beam cool signature tones into your pedal with the free TonePrint App
  • True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off
  • Groundbreaking MASH technology turns footswitch into a pressure-responsive expression controller
  • 3 dedicated TonePrint slots for storing signature effects
  • Works flawlessly with guitar and FX loop signals
  • New shimmer reverb algorithm pitches your reverb up an octave through each feedback loop to give an other-worldly sound
  • Design your own customized reverb effects from scratch with free TonePrint Editor for PC, Mac, and iPad
  • Optional buffered bypass mode prevents high frequency loss from long cable runs
  • Next-generation reverb algorithms give you phenomenal-sounding realistic reverb tones
  • Simple, easy-to-use controls let you focus on playing
  • Analog-Dry-Through maintains total integrity of analog dry signal path even when reverb is engaged
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark

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The new Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb covers everything the original did and packs 3 new powerful features.

The revolutionary MASH technology adds the rich and fluid articulation of an expression pedal to your reverb effects in the same compact stompbox that you know.

On top of that, we carefully designed a crystalline Shimmer reverb that you can control with MASH for spine-tingling performance in real-time.

In fact, you can control pretty much any parameter conceivable with MASH. With the TonePrint Editor you can unleash the expressive potential in MASH any way you like. Of course, you can still get all the iconic reverbs and TonePrints that you know from the original.

• Expressive MASH technology
• 8 reverb types including Shimmer
• 3 TonePrint slots


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