BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer


  • 50 Hz (sub-bass)
  • Boost: To thicken up sub-bass content, which is mostly felt rather than heard
  • Cut: To eliminate stage “rumble” and sub-bass content that can rob sound system power
  • 120 Hz (soft bass)
  • Boost: To enhance the lower end of the bass spectrum
  • Cut: To reduce the tendency of low frequency content to overwhelm a small room
  • 400 Hz (hard bass)
  • Boost: To enhance the “hard” bass punch of fundamental tones
  • Cut: To reduce punch for better linkage with the kick drum
  • 500 Hz
  • Boost: or Cut: To control bass clarity and warmth
  • 800 Hz
  • Boost: To add an aggressive edge to the overall bass sound
  • Cut: For reducing somewhat nasal or horn-like content
  • 4.5 kHz
  • Boost: To make the bass cut through the mix. Creates a more distinctive plucked tone
  • Cut: To eliminate harshness
  • 10 kHz
  • Boost: To bring out the upper harmonics and add edge to the overall bass tonality

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Behringer BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer. Do you find it hard to get the perfect sound from your bass? Maybe your bass seems to virtually disappear in some rooms; then again, it feels like a runaway locomotive in others? The problem’s not your bass—you need an equalizer! The BEHRINGER BEQ700 can resurrect your bass, providing total control over your tone, no matter what the performance situation. You can instantly improve the sound of your band from the bottom up, with the BEHRINGER BEQ700.

The Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700 covers the audio spectrum from 50Hz to 10kHz. The uber-low frequencies from 50Hz to 100Hz are typically felt more than they are heard. Boosting these lower frequencies can dramatically increase your bass guitar’s power and thickness, while cuts can render it weak and anemic. Gentle boosts from around 100Hz to 250Hz can give your bass warmth and body, but beware – boost too much and your tone will slip into the mud! The critical midrange between 400Hz and 1000Hz is where most of your bass’s energy and impact lies, due to the human ear’s sensitivity to those frequencies. Boosts in this range can help you pop out of a mix, but boost too much and your bass guitar’s tone will break like glass! Just some friendly Sweetwater advice: cutting offending frequencies can oftentimes be more effective than boosting non-offending ones.


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